How to Improve indoor air quality

7 February,201611120What is indoor air quality?Indoor air refers to air in homes, offices, clubs etc. and also around them especially it relates to health and comfort of building occupants.Most people around the world spend about 85% of their time indoors, this is why indoor air quality is considered as most important part of human life.Exposure to indoor air pollution for longer duration may lead to serious health problems.How to Improve Indoor Air QualitySources of Indoor Air PollutionPollutants may arise from inside or outside of buildings and also include bacteria, fungi, chemicals, dust, odour etc. nut it can be confused with temperature, humidity, occupant’s perception and their vulnerabilities.In offices major sources of indoor air pollution are Dusts, Inadequate ventilation systems, cleaning chemicals usage, ozone, pesticides and smoke. These parameters are present in every offices or homes in more or less quantities. These can cause reduce indoor air quality when present in excessive concentration.Dust and still water can cause favourable environment for microbial growth. Also indoor smoking cigarette can damage indoor air quality in substantial manner.Smoking cigarette can release smoke particles, particulate matter, radon, Carbon Monoxide, formaldehyde, etc.Also lack of fresh air can also increase indoor air pollution as perception of still stale air, odors, draftinees, very low or high humidity or temperature can create discomfort environment.Read More Sources of Air PollutionWhat are Effects of indoor air Pollution?When Indoor air quality is not upto the mark then some people who are more sensitive that others can show below mentioned symptoms after several hours of exposure to the polluted air:HeadacheDryness of skin, eyes, etcWeaknessShortness of breathDizzinessNauseaSinus CongestionAllergiesHypersensitivitySneezing and CoughingPeople can feel better when the move to away from these buildings where they have shown these symptoms.Improved air quality can show improvement in productivity and fewer lost working days.Why Indoor Air quality Monitoring is required?When employee or occupants are falling sick regularly or particular symptom is shown by many occupants then there is requirement of Indoor air quality monitoring.But before proceeding to indoor air quality monitoring process some basic data needs to be collected as below mentioned:Type of complaintsLocation of such complaintsSpecific time and day of complaintsFirst occurrenceWhen did health problem arise after leaving building or over the weekendIs there any activity related to occurrence of the problem e.g. use of pesticideMostly Indoor air quality monitoring processes can monitor particulate particles, CO2, CO, SO2, VOC, Methane, formaldehyde, etc.It can be measured from different locations within a building, Indoor vs outdoor and Different time of the day so that collected data can show some information about source of the problem and possible solution.Air Ventilation systemHow to Improve Indoor air Quality?Below are the tips on how to improve indoor air quality in homes and offices:Regular sweeping in homes and offices with moist clothOpen windows and let the fresh air comeAdd house plants to help clean indoor air e.g. fern, spider plant or aloe veraPurchase air purifier for home or officesAvoid smoking, wood burning, candles in homes or officesRemove shoes before entering into houseKeep homes dry. Use dehumidifierMinimize the use of harsh cleaners or cleaners with strong fragrancesRepairs all leaks properlyThe most effective strategy to improve indoor air quality is by eliminating or reducing sources of contaminants.Effective ventilation is most important as it increases fresh and clean outdoor air, removes pollutants and keeps us healthy.Perfect Pollucon Services offers environmental Services since 2007 in India.Let us know if you have some other ways to improve indoor Air quality in comments.RelatedAmbient Air Quality monitoring guidelinesAmbient Air Quality Monitoring is an important part of Environmental Monitoring. Before commencing Ambient Air Quality monitoring there are certain guidelines which needs to be followed. Ambient Air Quality monitoring guidelines minimize the risk of getting wrong data due to improper methods. Read more About Environmental Monitoring Guidelines before Ambient…In “Air”How to Reduce Particulate MatterParticulate matter is one of the most important and dangerous air pollutant present in the air along with harmful gases, chemicals, smoke particles, etc. Air quality is determined by studying air pollutants present in air which is called as Air Quality Testing. It can be affected by amount of air…In “Air”Sources of Air PollutantsMeasurement of air pollutants is major step towards controlling them. Sources of Air pollutants can be natural or may be the results of activities of human like vehicles etc. Also air pollutants can be categorised as primary of secondary pollutants. In based on sources of air pollutants they can be…In “Air” This entry was posted in Air, Blog, Environment and tagged air quality in homes, air quality in your home, improving indoor air quality asthma, indoor air pollutants, indoor air quality tips, sources of indoor air pollution. 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