Avoiding Water Damage In Tampa, Florida

Some of the homes affected by water damage in Tampa (Florida) have a basement. This is contrary to the majority of homes in this area as one of the building codes you have to follow in this region is to build residential floors above a certain height. This is mostly due to the fact that the area is prone to hurricanes. However, there are those who still build their own basements although they have to make sure to designate such areas as non-livable, just to stay on the right side of the law. Such basements will therefore not contain bedrooms and will usually find their use as a storage space.

Useful Tips When Dealing With Water Damage in Tampa

Because of the area being prone to water damage, it pays to have some skills and tips that will help you avoid water damage especially in your basements. One of the causes of water damage in basements results from moisture. Such moisture will usually find its way in from the outside although it can still be generated from inside the house. The soil surrounding your basement will mostly be the usual culprit as it has a lot of moisture content on it especially if the water table is high enough. Apart from moisture, water will usually get in the basement either through the cracks on the floor, or by gravity.
Whatever the cause of the water damage, you need to have ways of dealing with the situation before it gets out of hand. A homeowner affected by water damage should first inspect the entire basement together with its surroundings. First of all, confirm whether the flow of drainage water is towards your basement or away from it. Next, look for any cracks that may be present in the building structure. It is also not uncommon to locate a sink hole in most homes in Tampa.
You should take note of the various ways of preventing moisture problems in your basement. Firstly, make sure not to use a dirt basement. Such floors hold a high volume of moisture content which will only alleviate the problem. Secondly, ensure to build a floor drain together with a trap leading to the lowest point of your basement. You can also decide to use a sump pump in case there is a lot of water. These are usually common in areas where the water table is uncomfortably high. Finally, you might just decide to waterproof the entire foundation walls of your basement as a lasting solution to water damage.

Counting On PRS at Tampa Bay

Professional restoration services of Tampa bay, Florida is ever ready to deal with your water damage problems throughout the year. We deal with all kinds of customers ranging from residential to commercial customers. We have invested heavily in ground breaking technology to make sure that we are able to deal with any kind of water damage that you may encounter. Innovative techniques like thermal imaging will help to locate any leaking water in your house and leave the place completely dry. In addition, we make sure that no foul odors are left behind once we are through.

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