Textile Restoration

It’s estimated that soft contents accounts for up to 23% of the total items on a pack out, making it the single largest contents category by volume. And it’s not just clothes that a textile restoration professional can restore, but window treatments, area rugs, shoes, leathers, furs, suede, belts, hand bags, purses, pocket books, luggage, hockey bags, ice skates, golf bags, etc.

But what makes soft contents restoration so crucial on any water or fire job is the economics of it. Specifically, it’s estimated that the value proposition for the homeowner and the carrier is about 80% savings versus replacement. With a success ratio in the high 90% range, this is significant.


While the cleaning and restoration of textiles and soft goods that goes on inside of the plant is crucial to the process, it’s what happens before the items are even packed out that is arguably just as important. The process starts when the initial call comes, usually either from an adjuster, contractor or homeowner.

A first responder and crew is then assigned to the site, where more information is gathered from the homeowner and the inventory and pack out step begins. Items are photo documented on site, then packed out, returned to the plant and added to the inventory system. Garments are detailed based on their characteristics and examined for any pre-existing conditions.

After that, the cleaning and restoration process begins. Two weeks’ worth of items are immediately processed and returned to the homeowner within 24 hours, while all remaining items are cleaned, restored and returned at a later date, sometimes as fast as two to four days.

Just as there’s a significant difference between working on fire damage jobs versus water damage ones, there’s a big difference in restoring soft contents affected by the aforementioned.

For instance, with water damaged textiles, before they can even be dry cleaned, they need to be dried – and dried fast for best results. Waiting too long to dry can result in mold, color degradation and breakdown of the fabric.

Water-damaged items are dried in specialty drying chambers, where dehumidifiers and air movers effectively wick away moisture without agitation, after which they can be loaded into the machines to continue the restoration process.

Conversely, items recovered from a fire loss can be loaded right into dry cleaning machines – the sooner the better. Why? Because the longer hydrocarbon sits on the garment, the more difficult it is to get out.



Esporta Wash System – The Green Approach to Soft Contents Restoration

Professional Restoration Services of Tampa Bay, Inc. is pleased to announce their new soft contents restoration service. They purchased an Esporta Wash System this year and they are amazed with the results. The Esporta Wash System uses organic products and can restore heavily contaminated items to food grade clean.

Ribbon cutting edit

Professional Restoration Services of Tampa Bay, Inc.’s ribbon-cutting ceremony for the Esporta Wash System


How Does the Esporta Wash System Work?

The Esporta Wash System uses hydraulic actions, Esporta made detergents, and disinfectants along with specified wash recipes to efficiently restore soft contents. The Esporta Wash System’s hydraulic actions force both organic and inorganic contaminants out of the contents to restore them to food grade clean. The Esporta is equipped with wash recipes that are specifically designed to tackle the contaminated items based on the type and level of the damages to the items.

esporta h20


The Esporta dispenses 2 detergents, a potent organic disinfectant and an optional fabric softener during the wash cycle. This wash system can decontaminate items in just 2 hours and has a 160 pound load limit.

What Can the Esporta Wash System Restore?

The Esporta Wash System is able to restore a diverse list of soft content items. It was initially designed to clean and disinfect hockey equipment. The Esporta Wash System now restores items from your every day laundry to fireman safety equipment. The Esporta is capable of restoring sentimental and irreplaceable items to pre-loss condition. Items that are affected by categories 1-3 water damage can be washed in the Esporta Wash System. This means items that are affected from a clean water loss in your home to black/sewage water can be restored.


Mold contaminated leather shoes restored at Professional Restoration Services of Tampa Bay, Inc.


This is a list of some of the items the Esporta Wash System can restore:

  • Leather goods (purses, jackets, shoes, etc.)
  • Toys (stuffed animals, beanie babies, etc.)
  • Bags (suitcases, duffle bags, etc.)
  • Household items (linens/bedding, clothing, sleeping bags, cushions, etc.)
  • Protective gear (body armor, fireman’s PPE, hard hats, belts, etc.)
  • Outdoor/Sports (backpacks, wet suits, sports gear, rollerblades, etc.)

Mold covered stuffed animal restored at Professional Restoration Services of Tampa Bay, Inc.


Mold contaminated leather flight jacket restored at Professional Restoration Services of Tampa Bay, Inc.

Restore – Don’t Replace

If you face a situation where your home and belongings are destroyed and you feel like you have lost everything – restoring items versus replacing is a quicker and cheaper option. PRS is able to promise a next day turn around for your restored soft contents. If you were to wait for the insurance company to assess the damage and issue you a check you would be without the essential items for weeks. Give Professional Restoration Services of Tampa Bay, Inc. a call to bring some peace of mind to a hectic situation. PRS is available 24/7 to come to the rescue during a disaster.


Professional Restoration Services of Tampa Bay, Inc.’s soft contents restoration facility in St. Petersburg, FL



Choose to Restore – Don’t Replace

We all have possessions that we consider irreplaceable. If those items are damaged it’s difficult to put a dollar amount on what that item is worth to you. For example, your child’s favorite stuffed animal is covered in toxic soot from a fire that destroyed your home. This is an irreplaceable item to your child and purchasing a new one will not be the same to them. What if you could give that stuffed animal to a company and they were able to restore it to better than pre-loss condition? The Esporta Wash System is capable of restoring a soot covered stuffed animal back to it’s original state physically and will be able to bring that item to food grade clean by removing the toxins and bacteria.

Rabbit and Pooh

 How does the Esporta Wash System work?

 Esporta washing system

The Esporta Wash System is designed to wash and restore items from everyday linens to sewage contaminated items. Originally designed to clean and disinfect hockey equipment, the ES 3300 has a diverse list of items it is able to restore. How does this machine work? The Esporta dispenses detergents in 4 stages through-out the wash cycle. The first detergent the is released is a enzyme based detergent that is designed to attack and break down stains and weaken the bacteria. The second detergent contains surfactants and emulsifiers which break down oils in the water, it essentially balances the water and lifts the bacteria from the contents. A disinfectant is released in stage three in which kills the bacteria on contact. The disinfectant is organic and is completely safe to dispose of, it is primarily made up of hydrogen peroxide and vinegar. Lastly fabric softener or fragrance are available as an optional stage. These are not to mask the odor but to simply add a pleasant scent to your clean items.

image (2)

The machine utilizes water energy to force detergent water through items and the bacteria out. When you combine the hydraulic actions of this machine with the detergents, the result is restored and decontaminated items. The ES 3300 contains 8 compartments and the machine cleans up to 160 pounds of laundry per wash, removing 99% of the organic and inorganic contaminants.


 When you restore contaminated items with the Esporta Wash System the items will look clean, smell clean, and the dangerous bacteria and toxins will be removed. ATP testing is used on every item to insure it is safe to return to the customer. A test is taken before the item is washed and after. In the picture below you can see the ATP testing device that shows a reading before a blanket was restored on the left and after it was washed on the right. The Esporta was able to remove bacteria from the item and bring the reading from 625 to only 9. The reading taken after the item is washed must show a number below 30 to be considered disinfected and food grade clean. For more information about ATP testing click here.

 Blanket (before & after)

What can be restored and what are the limitations?

 ·         Category 1, 2 and 3 water damaged contents. This includes water damage caused by clean drinking water to sewage waste.

·         Heavy smoke and soot damaged contents.

·         Smoke and water damaged leathers.

·         Mold contaminated contents and bio waste contaminated contents.

·         Leather Goods:image (1)

·         Wallets

·         Shoes

·         Purses

·         Household items:

·         Laundry

·         Sleeping bags

·         Comforters

·         Stuffed animals

·         Unique

·         Umbrellas

·         Survival gearBunnies

·         Tents

·         Sporting Goods

·         Football gear

·         Hockey gear

·         Helmets

 Items that could pose a risk:

·         Furs

·         Extra-large items

·         Cardboard and paper products

·         Dry clean only

·         Large rugs

·         Large items: Full size luggage, Golf bags, Area rugs

When risky items such as those above are deemed a total loss we can still give the Esporta Wash System a shot. There are times when the items are restored and do not have to be thrown out. 

 PRS – Esporta Certified Operator

Professional Restoration Services of Tampa Bay, Inc. has recently become one of the 250 companies in North America to own the Esporta Washing Systems – ES 3300. Within the next couple of months it is our goal to begin restoring soft content items for customers. We want to be your one call does it call restoration company. We will be the only company in Pinellas County to provide this service. In the event that your home floods or you have a fire, don’t feel like you lost everything. Give us a call to restore it all.