Complete Service: Distinguishing PRS from other restoration services in Tampa

The Tampa Bay area is a hot spot for restoration service providers. Restoration services range from water damage, fire damage, smoke damage restoration and mold remediation to structural and home restoration. With the number of companies simply trying to edge each other in terms of service and marketability, knowing the stars of that list is a priority.

The Professional Restoration Services of Tampa Bay, Inc – PRS is currently topping the list for its versatility and coverage of services. Being a one stop service provider helps their customers with a hassle free service. Offering more than that of the other companies, PRS does the job at a faster pace.

The best way to distinguish PRS of Tampa Bay above all other restoration companies in Tampa would be their complete service. PRS covers both commercial and residential restoration with a building contractor’s license. After damage restoration, PRS can proceed to structural restoration – an edge that they enjoy above competitors. There would be no need to call another service provider and no need for another haggling session.

Insurance and Billing

PRS has the capability to automatically bill your insurance provider. They can deal with the insurance inspectors and help you get things going by playing the “boss” part of the process. This is a step taken by PRS as a proof of its commitment to service.

When no Insurance coverage is available, PRS can bill through Visa and Mastercard – an easier way of dealing with costs. This is the most convenient way to pay your restoration service provider when no cash is available.

PRS 24-Hour and 7-Day Hotline

PRS makes it a point to understand emergencies. A hotline is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for any loss that requires immediate actions. This is possible with their billing strategies and trained staff that can take on a job faster than most companies.

PRS at is a non-profit organization that provides the public with information about companies and their services. provides fair reviews of companies including past records of any disputes or fraud. BBB also sets ratings of the companies through their review system that has proven to be effective.

PRS is proud that it is BBB accredited with an A rating. With the reliability of’s reviews and the accuracy of their background checks, rest assured that PRS is among the best restoration companies in Tampa.

Tips on Choosing the Right Restoration Companies in Tampa

There are a lot factors affecting your choices. With the confidence that PRS has we’d be glad to give you tips and surely you’ll see that PRS is still the best choice. Knowing who’ll take care of your property’s restoration is the first step in getting things right to where they were.

  • Don’t pick the biggest company – marketing and the actual service is not the same
  • Don’t choose the cheaper service – it may spell disaster
  • Always research about personal reviews and don’t try to get lucky
  • Talk before you click, know the people behind the company
  • Don’t deal with unlicensed providers, not worth the risk

Give PRS the call and get things started.

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