Dealing With Water Damage Repair In Tampa

Water damage repair is one of the most costly expenses that most residents of Tampa have to contend with. The reason why most homeowners in Tampa are adversely affected by water damage is because the area not only has high moisture content but also has a high water table in certain areas. Water damage is detrimental to not only your home but those living in it as well. One of the surest ways you can avoid having to pay the exorbitant water damage repair costs in Tampa is by reducing the risk of its occurrence as soon as you spot the signs.

Ways to Reduce the Risk of Water Damage

Depending on the extent of the damage, the first thing you should do is to drain off any excess water in your house. A great way of achieving this is by using a suction pump or shop vac. In addition to removing the water, you will also need to remove as much moisture from the air as you possibly can. This can be accomplished thru dehumidifiers.

Secondly, open the windows so that the area can dry much quickly. This will also freshen up the interior as dense, moist air tends to have a certain odor. Next, assemble all those items which are either permanently damaged or those that cannot be cleaned any further. Bear in mind that mold can form in as little as 48 hours under the right conditions.

Thirdly, go through the entire house with a hawk’s eye so that you can spot any damage that may have taken place. Depending on the type of water involved, you may have to remove the carpet as well as the padding as these are first victims in water damage. By inspecting your house thoroughly, you are also likely to spot any damage that may have occurred to your drywall. Inspect all furniture and cabinetry in your home to make sure they haven’t been affected by the water.

Finally, make a point of relocating all those items and furniture that are portable from the moist area to a dryer place. These will later be returned once the area has been dried completely. This will also give you an opportunity to spot any possible mold that may have started forming as a result of the water damage.

Having done all the above, you may find that the extent of the damage is such that you have to call in a professional to deal with it. In such a case, you need to consult only the very best experts as going for a sub-standard company may even lead to more damage.

Call Professional Restoration Service in Tampa Bay, Florida

PRS is Tampa’s first choice in dealing with water damage repair in Tampa. Apart from ensuring that all your water damage issues are solved, we also perform any required repairs to your home. We are State Certified Building contractors. PRS has a vast experience regarding water damage which spans about 20 years. In addition, our team is able and fully qualified to handle any water damage no matter which area of Tampa you are in.


  1. Water damage costs large amount of money for it to be repaired. These are good tips so that you can atleast lower or lessen the damage cause by water. These ways will be a big help for those who are expiriencing this water service failure. I enjoyed reading this. Thanks.

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