Detecting Water Damage With Thermal Imaging

Remember that movie “Predator”, where the alien used infrared vision so he could easily detect Arnold Schwarzenegger and the other elite soldiers in the jungle? Well, if he were a little more docile and a home owner, he’d definitely be using that keen thermal imaging to detect any hidden water damage in his house.

It is easy to identify obvious water damage in the form of a wet carpet or soft discolored spots on dry wall or ceilings. However, many times moisture in the walls, accumulating from a slow leak, cannot be seen with the naked eye. This water damage can cause structural damage or serious mold growth, which can lead to life threatening health problems for you and your family. Now there is technology used by the best water restoration companies to identify any moisture in your home in a quick, highly cost effective manner that will guarantee your home is free of water related problems.

This technology creates vivid images of the infrared spectrum that give an amazing “inside” view of a structure. Instead of focusing on the 450-750 nanmeter range of a visible light camera system, the infrared camer takes pitures in wavelengths of 14,000 nanometers on the electromagnetic spectrum. The folowing are only some of the amazing detailed images that thermal imaging devices provide the user.

Gone are the days of bashing through drywall to determine if there is water in the walls of your home. Thermal imaging is the non-invasive, high-end technology used by expert water restoration companiew to determine if ther is hidden water luring in your home. The thermal imaging camera provides detailed, real-time information, revealing any hidden water damage that can be invisible to the naked eye.

Thermal imaging cameras are an excellent tool designed to detect water damage by assissing the moisture behind interior walls, in cieling and under carpets. These cameras are also utilized to discover mold damage in your home, by revealing undetected sources of moisture, as well as detecting water soaked insulation in the ceilings caused by leaky roofs.

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