Florida Hurricane History.

The state of Florida has had more hurricanes that made landfall than any other U.S. continental state. There have been a total of  488 tropical and subtropical storms since 1851, with only 18 seasons out of 162, where there were no storms recorded. Hurricanes or tropical storms have effected the state of Florida in every month of the year except for January and March. The total cost of these storms is over $115 billion.


Of the 10 most intense land-falling U.S.  5 of those were in Florida, The first of which was the “Florida Keys” hurricane in 1919. On September 9th through 10th the what would be category 4 hurricane  made its pass through the Florida Keys causing severe damage to the Key West Havana docks and buildings in Key West. More than 10 ships were  sunk or reported missing causing over 500 deaths. In 1926 the “Great Miami hurricane hit south Florida on September 18th.The MacArthur Causeway was submerged under 6ft of water due to the high storm surge. The death toll was so high that resorts and office buildings had to serve as temporary morgues. The next was the 1928 Okeechobee hurricane which made landfall near West Palm Beach on September 17th, with winds of 145 mph. Almost 2000 homes were destroyed in the city and caused estimated damage of $25 million. We Jump 64 years later to the last of the 5 to Hurricane Andrew which made landfall on August 23rd on Elliot Key as a category 5 hurricane. Andrew was the costliest hurricane in United States history to date, causing $250 million in damage, but only caused 4 deaths. The hurricane’s winds were recorded at 177 mph causing the majority of the damage in Miami-Dade County in the cities of Homestead, Florida City, and Cutler Ridge.


There were 8 hurricanes in 2003 and 2005 which is the most number of hurricanes to make landfall in Florida in a single season. The area that has been hit most is Monroe County with 26 storms, the most storms any one county has endured in the U.S. Though Key West and Pensacola are the most hurricane prone areas.

Between the 2000-2013, there were a total of 63 tropical and subtropical cyclones which has resulted in an estimated 64 billion dollars in damages to Florida. In 2004, Hurricane Charley tore a path of destruction through Central Florida. The storm was initially supposed to make landfall in Tampa but turned at the last minute, devastating Charlotte County before heading inland. The storm leveled parts of Orange and Osceola counties , destroying homes, knocking out power for weeks and uprooting hundreds of trees. Charley was also blamed for more than 30 deaths in the United States and Caribbean. In 2005, there were 28 named storms. It was the first time in the naming of storms the Greek alphabet was needed for naming. There were 15 hurricanes, 7 of which were major including 4 category 5 hurricanes
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