Got Water Damage in Tampa?

Water Damage is a real threat to our lifestyle – especially to our health. Water damage can be caused by Sewage problems, pipeline damages, storms and floods. When you have water damage in your residence or in your business establishment, do the things you can do but always be wary of any accidents that may happen.
Water Damage can leave molds, mildew and other hazards especially when at a critical level. Water damage needs to have immediate attention as this is a progressive damage. Not only will you be worrying about damage on the property, you will also have to think about restoration, funding the repairs, important documents and disinfecting the affected area.

You also have to deal with emotional stress. When accidents like these happen it is best you call for assistance.

Water Damage First Aid

When you have water damage and still waiting for service, you can do these things to help preserve your property:

  • For broken pipelines – determine the source of water and turn it off.
  • Keep indoor temperature below 70 degrees Fahrenheit or 21 degrees Celsius.
  • Place plastic pads under furniture legs to avoid stains.
  • Turn off electricity in affected rooms.
  • Don’t move around on slippery floors to avoid accidents.
  • Remove china wares and other ceramic breakables from closets.
  • Remove rubbish, cartons and other items on the floor.
  • Do not use your household vacuum to prevent electric shock.
  • Do not walk on wet carpet as this will spread water.
  • Remove curtains and other draperies and hang them.
  • Keep your kids and pets safe at all times.

The smart thing to do during water damage before anything else is to call professional service and inform your insurance company. Trying to do more than you are capable of can increase risks of injury.

Call PRS at Tampa Bay!

PRS at Tampa Bay is available 24 hours: ready to do the work and open for your calls at all times. If you are experiencing any water damage and in the Tampa area, you can be rest assured that help is on its way. Water and flood damage can be brutal and the effects can be devastating at some point. Understanding the real effects of water damage in residences and business establishments, restoration becomes critical in rehabilitation. Professional Restoration Services at Tampa Bay, Inc. can help you get back fast to avoid any complications.

Water Damage Response by PRS in Tampa Bay is fast and not limited to pumping water out of your house or drying your furniture. What we bring in is a professional approach from restoration experts. We complete the restoration process – a one stop company that delivers what you need. Our staff has high skill levels and state certified building contractors, we have it all. PRS can remove molds and mildew, provide water leak solutions, disinfect affected areas. You don’t have to worry about contacting another contractor, you are safe with us.

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