How to Deal With Fire Damage at Home?

Surviving a fire presents a lot of challenges to homeowners. There is the emotional side of the loss. In addition to that, they have to face the damages caused by the fire as well. If you are currently facing this ordeal, do not fret. Here are ways to deal with the damages caused by fire:

Assess the damage

It might be difficult to look at your home after a fire. But this is an essential step to start with the rebuilding process. The first thing you need to do is to open the doors and windows. This is to eliminate the bad odor as well as to let fresh air in. After that, check the affected areas of the property. How was the damage on the floor, wall, roof, door, window and other areas of the house? Take note of your evaluation.

Aside from the damage inflicted on the different parts of the house, check the damage on the furniture and appliances as well. Can you still use some of the furniture or appliances? If they have been destroyed, do you need to replace them right away? This will help you determine the things that you need to purchase first.

Check your insurance coverage

You can look into the copy of your insurance policy and find out the coverage in case of fire. You can also call your insurance company to better understand this. Prepare the necessary requirements for your claim too. Whatever amount you can claim from your insurance company is a big help in rebuilding or restoring your home.

Contact a restoration specialist

A reliable restoration specialist will help you plan the restoration process.  The planning stage is crucial because this will affect the entire process. Divide the tasks and choose the project that needs to be done first. How is your electrical line? How about your water ways?  Was there damage to your water heater?

Prepare your home for restoration

To make the repair and rebuilding process easier, start cleaning up your home. Remove the things that are no longer working and dispose of the scraps. You do not want these things in your house. Aside from reminding you of the disaster, this can also present many health hazards. Besides, you will be able to plan easily once your home is clear of all these unnecessary items.

Have a timetable

Restoring your home is a process. However, if you want it to be done on timely basis, make sure that you have a realistic time table. Schedule the tasks at hand and make sure that everyone who is part of the restoration process is aware of it. Everyone involved in the rebuilding process should also do his or her best to meet their deadlines.

Protect you home from fire

Surely, you do not want to go through such disaster again. You can prevent fire from happening again by installing fire protective equipment at home. You can have smoke detectors in key areas to alarm you. Make sure that you place your fire extinguisher in strategic places as well. Most importantly, avoid fire by understanding its different causes and inspecting your home for potential sources of fire.

Dealing with the damages caused by fire can be difficult. But with proper planning and execution, you can have your home repaired or rebuilt in no time.

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