Humidity and Water Damage

water-drops-screenshots-4After it rains does the inside or  outside of your home smell musty?  You may have a water problem.  Water damage can get into your home from loose roofing causing damage in your attack or crawl space.  If not caught in time it could ruin your ceiling. Rain water running down the side of your home due to  clogged gutters can get underneath chipped, peeling paint or siding.  Moisture in the soil may enter through a building’s foundation (e.g., slab floor, basement floor or walls). When the soil is saturated, liquid water may flow into the building through cracks or through pores by gravity or capillary action. Water can also diffuse directly through the un-cracked sections of concrete or concrete block foundation materials. You should make sure the ground slopes away from your home and not towards it. Beside attractive curb appeal shrubs and other types of landscaping use excess ground water which help keep it away from your foundation.

What is condensation?  It is water droplets formed by  humid air coming in contact with a cold surface.condensation Condensation can be on your windows and can drip down your walls, seeping into your wall paper. Water pipes that are in between the  walls of your home if not properly insulated can create condensation. It can develop in your bathrooms while you are taking a shower if there is not proper ventilation to the outdoors.  Clothes dryers that are not properly ventilated to the outdoors can increase humidity and create condensation.  Use air conditioning, dehumidifiers and fans  to dry the air and  help circulate it or heat and fans to warm surfaces within your home to keep condensation from forming.

Where there is excess moisture for more than 48 hours there is the possibility that mold has started to grow. Once you have mold if not taken care of properly and the moisture is not  resolved it will come back.  According to the CDC mold can cause upper respiratory symptoms like nasal stuffiness, throat irritation, coughing or wheezing, eye irritation, or, in some cases, skin irritation for those who are sensitive to them. Mold has also been found to worsen asthma attacks and cause infections in those who suffer with chronic lung illnesses or are immune compromised.

If you find that you have water damage in your home call PRS at 727-NO-Water, ” the one stop shop” for all your home repair needs.  We are a licensed building contractor and inspector, specializing in restoration and remodeling. PRS has the experience and the technology to take care of the problem and do it right the first time. We are certified in mold mitigation and mold remediation.                        PRS logo (2)

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