Mediation For Denied Insurance Claims

A new rule has been put in place by the State of Florida, Chief Financial Officer, that expedites the fair and timely handling of residential property insurance claims. The new rule allows you (the insured) the right to take part in a mediation forum with your insurer, to negotiate any dispute you have with your insurer about your claim. The date of notice gives the parties 21 days to work out the issue before arbitration can be scheduled.

Mediation is the practice of a neutral third party helping negotiate an outcome that is amenable to both parties involved. Mediation is non-binding, meaning there is no legal requirement to accept the results. The mediation program was created by the Florida Department of Financial Services (FDFS) to facilitate contested residential property damage claims over $500, precluding the deductible.

A non-partisan mediator, who will be selected by the FDFS, will oversee the meeting. The mediator may be removed at any time, by either party, with good cause. This good cause can be a conflict of interest sited by either party, incompetence in handling the arbitration, or other reasons that could undermine the fairness of the meeting. Mediation takes place in a neutral location determined by the mediator.

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