Signs Of Water Damage In Clearwater

Before taking any measures of dealing with water damage, residents of Clearwater should first familiarize themselves with the telling signs that signal water damage. Failure to spot these signs could mean the difference between small expenses to fix the water damage and huge bills that leave you devastated. Don’t forget that you would also be putting the health of your family in jeopardy since they could be adversely affected by the water damage. This is no small matter considering the lives that have been lost in such scenarios.

Signs to Watch Out For

The following are the major signs that you should always be on the lookout for when dealing with water damage. The first noticeable sign that should not be ignored is dripping water. Although this may not be observable with the naked eye, the sound of dripping is quite audible. The problem is that most homeowners in Clearwater ignore such signs wrongly thinking that it will go away; don’t make that mistake. In case you have problems locating the exact spot where dripping is taking place, look for small stains or a pungent odor.

Secondly, standing water is another problem area. In case you are not best-equipped to deal with such kind of water, feel free to call a professional to help you out. Failure to take immediate action in cases of standing water has proved catastrophic in some instances. This is mostly due to the fact that standing water leads to formation of mold and rot causing extensive damage.

Thirdly, always ask yourself questions should you notice an unexpected surge in the water bill. Unless you can account for the sharp increase in such an expense, this should herald a checkup round your house in search of the culprit. You will find a leaking or burst pipe in most cases. Fix the problem in the shortest time possible before the situation gets out of hand.

Another tell-tale sign of water damage is paint damage. This will typically appear as bulging or peeling off. Contact a plumber instantly as this could indicate damage behind the paint coat. Stains on the wall are also visible signs that should tell you there is a problem. Such stains are also found on the ceiling especially if the roof is leaking somewhere. Delaying to take action in such instances will only make the situation worse.

Professional Restoration Services of Tampa Bay

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