Structural Drying

Structural Drying has evolved over the years. Structural drying has become a science with many techniques that prevent secondary water damage to your property. Secondary damage, unlike immediate water damage brings in the progressive damage effects of water. This includes damages to furniture, books, artwork, and the infamous mold. This is brought about by moisture remianing on walls, floors, carpets and furniture.

Structural drying includes many processes which can only be exclusively done by professional restoration providers. Professional restoration processes such as structural drying requires the necessary technology, equipment and staff competence to do the work correctly.

Structural Drying does not necessarily include destruction. Structural drying is the drying of a structure. Drying is done thru the use of equipment such as turbo drying fans and dehumidifiers – equipment used for drying without doing any work of disassembling walls, floors and furniture.

Structural Drying by PRS

PRS – Professional Restoration Services of Tampa Bay, Inc. makes it a point to provide structural drying as part of their water damage restoration routines. Structural drying from PRS ensures that moisture is completely brought down to the right level where damage and mold growth cannot continue.

PRS uses the most cost effective means of Structural drying that modern science has. PRS provides the fastest and most efficient dry outs in the industry. Proper application of science like Psychometry and Vortex Drying methods are used to acquire the best results – doing the process “outside in”.

Saving Cost with Structural Drying

Quickly drying structural materials will also be a cost saver. Most construction materials will regain its previous form and strength when properly dried. This is to say that water damage restoration actually begins with water cleanup/mitigation and drying.

The latest technology brings forth new processes that are very beneficial for Water damage restoration. Cost for new materials and work is minimized with the proper processes. This brings forth a lot of advantages for the clients. With cost effective methods on structural drying such as those used by PRS, there’s less stress and inconvenience.

Water Damage and Structural Drying

The technology of structural drying is actually a direct effect of water damage. Structural drying a few decades ago was actually done with the “normal drying techniques” where heating and wiping was the main action items. Science was applied poorly and settling for the trial and error methods.

Structural drying today brings in more technology. To help home owners, Professional restoration providers brings about faster drying techniques that are far more efficient. Structural drying can target smaller areas that have been proven to have moisture problems. This is done through thermal imaging which accurate identifies moisture heavy areas.

Structural Drying Is Your Best Bet for a Complete Water Damage Remediation

Structural drying is a process that every property should undergo after flooding or any kind of inflicted water damage. Without structural drying, further damages are attained because of the hidden moisture in materials.

When in need of any structural drying, PRS is ready to respond 24 hours and 7 days a week. We are ready to help.

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