Dryer Lint Danger!

Did you know that by not cleaning your dryer exhaust vent and duct work, you run the risk of destroying your home? Truth! It is the leading cause of dryer fires. According to the National Fire Protection agency survey, Americans experienced upwards of 16,000 dryer fires between 2010 – 2014. Dryer vents should be inspected and cleaned annually. If your household does a lot of laundry, they should be cleaned at least three times a year.

Tips To Look For When It’s Time For A Cleaning:

  • Clothes take longer to dry. This probably means the air flow is blocked and cannot dry the clothes efficiently. Cleaning your ducts will keep your dryer and home safer, as well as helping your dryer do it’s job more efficiently.
  • The dryer’s external cabinet is hotter than normal to the touch.

How To Inspect And Clean:

1. Check the outside vents for obstructions – nests, lint build-up, and debris left by animal life.

2. Clean the lint screen following every cycle. Use a long, flexible brush to clean down inside the body of the dryer. An air compressor may blow the lint out or a combo vacuum cleaner with brush attachment if the hose is long enough. It is important to remove the lint from the entire length of the vent.

3. Remove dust from behind the dryer, as well as the floor, including the space beneath the dryer and the back of the dryer itself. The air intake comes from the back of the dryer, so any dust left back there will be pulled into the dryer causing more lint to build up.

4. Don’t forget to clean out or replace the duct work leading from the dryer to the outside vent. It is suggested to use a folded semi-rigid metal duct in lieu of foil ducts, because it supports the highest air flow. Neve use white vinyl or plastic ducts as dryer vents.

Vent brushes and dryer vent cleaning kits may be found at your local hardware store and online. The tools are made specifically for cleaning your dryer and will help you remove the lint from difficult to reach areas inside the dryer & duct work. It’s an even better idea to have your dryer vents inspected and cleaned by a professional occasionally. A professional will ensure that your vent and duct work are cleaned thoroughly and make sure your venting system is working at its best.