How to Eliminate Odor from Your Home

Are you embarrassed to invite your friends over because of that unpleasant odor? At first, you thought it would just go away, but after a couple of weeks, the problem progressively got worst. Now you are starting to worry that it will never go away? The truth is, that odors do not go away unless you first find and eliminate the source that is causing the odor and then deal with the odor correctly. There are different ways to eliminate bad odor from your home.

Where do these odors come from?

Before dealing with the odor, it is best to understand its sources. Odors can come from many different things. Odor can come from cooking, spoiled food, rotten fruits and vegetables, pet’s feces and urine, unattended laundry and even dead animals. Your bathroom, for instance, can easily cause unwanted smell, especially if you do not clean it regularly. Unused bathrooms can also be a source of bad smell because p-traps can dry out and allow methane-sulfur gas to escape from the shower drain or sink. Poor housekeeping can deliver unpleasant smells.

Eliminating the odor

Now that you are aware of the potential causes of odor, here are some tips to help you get rid of the smell:

  1. Identify the source of the bad odor in your home. Identifying the source and removing it from your house will greatly improve the smell of your home. It is easy to trace the sources of the bad smell, especially if the odor is concentrated in one area of the house. Once you have identified the source, you can decide if you will deal with it by yourself or will call service to do it. Not everyone is cut out to remove dead rodents from their home. In some cases, you need to contact the plumber because the cause of the odor is the water pipe in your kitchen.
  2. Clean the area. It is not enough that you remove the cause of the odor because some of the bad smell will linger in the house. Depending on what the source was, there could be germs left behind that can affect your health. So make sure that you clean the area thoroughly. Wash it with soap and rinse with water thoroughly. Disinfect the area as well.  After cleaning, wipe or leave it to dry.
  3. There are odors that will not go away after removing the sources. An example would be odors from smoke. This is why you have to open the doors and windows while dealing with the bad smell. Turn the exhaust fan on as well. This will improve ventilation in the house, removing the odorous air and replacing it with fresh air from outside.
  4. There are some causes of odor that are within your control. These include those caused by spoiled or rotten food, odors caused by your pets and the like. To prevent the smell from getting worse, deal with it right away. Regularly check your food container for expiration dates and dispose them when needed.
  5. Improve the smell and quality of air in your home. One way of doing that is by having indoor plants. You can also light scented candles and enjoy its aroma. But the best way to give your home a pleasant smell is to keep it clean and eliminate all potential sources that could leave a bad odor.

Getting rid of the bad smell in your home depends on the source of the odor. There are those you can deal by yourself, but there are also those that require the services of professionals. This is why it is crucial that you determine the cause of the odor first before dealing with it.