New Years Resolutions for Your Home

As the clock winds down towards the New Year, we all begin ticking off our lists for our New Years resolutions. The usual suspects of losing weight, going to the gym more or finally getting in shape will always make their appearance on that list, only to fall by the wayside as life gets busy. This year, why not try a new approach? Add to that list some things that will make your home healthier, possibly save you some unexpected stresses (financial & health) in the long run. We’re going to run down some resolutions that can be made for your home all year long to keep your life, health and family running smoothly.

1. Seasonally (or every six months), have your heating or air conditioner inspected and serviced. You should also change or clean your air filter every 3 months or according to manufacturers instructions. This will help the quality of your inside air, as well as upkeep on the maintenance of your system.

2. Inspect and repair all caulked areas:  Sinks, faucets, tubs/showers, windows and doors, all penetrations (fireplace, chimney, ducts, vents). Do this twice a year.

3. Look for plumbing leaks and clean your faucet aerators of lime deposits.

4. Check for and repair damage/cracks to the interior and exterior walls of your home.

5. Clean and repair your homes gutters seasonally. Ensure they are free of debris that could inhibit water flow to downspouts. Make sure your water deflectors at the base of downspouts are directing water away from your home’s foundation.

6. Extend the life and good condition of your water heater by flushing your hot water heater and refilling. Do this annually or more often, depending on the hardness of your areas water. It is a good idea to test your hot water heater safety valve, as well.

7. Inspect all fire extinguishers and test and change the batteries in your smoke detectors. Create a family fire evacuation plan. Ensure everyone knows how to exit and where to meet outside.

Adding these (or even a few) to your resolutions for the New Year may put you on the road to New Years Resolution success! Make the safety of your home and family a part of your focus for the year 2020.