Water Damage Restoration

If you experience any kind of water damage to your property you need to have your home properly dried out to prevent mold and further damages. Moisture left behind will be a breeding ground for mold to develop. Once you have mold you will have another issue to deal with. Time is of the essence when it comes to water damage. Mold growth can begin within the first 24-48 hours after the water makes contact.

Categories of water damaged summarized in this short video


When you are looking for a company to restore your property from water damage make sure they are certified. Look for a company that offers emergency water extraction, structural drying and thermal imaging. Hiring a company that is ill equipped and unskilled can lead to more costly repairs in the future. Be cautious when you are looking for a restoration company.

water in apartment

Thermal Imaging and Structural Drying – Vital Parts of Water Damage Restoration


When your home experiences a flood or any other type of water damage you need to get the water extracted as soon as possible.  Once the water is extracted thermal imaging plays an important role in detecting the source of a leak and any water that was not extracted. It also is a great tool to have to ensure the job was done correctly when it’s completed. Taking thermal images after the restoration is completed will confirm that all water has been removed from your home.

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Structural drying requires the necessary technology, equipment and staff competence to do the work correctly. Structural drying prevents secondary water damage to your property. This includes damages to furniture, books, artwork and mold development. Such damages are brought about by moisture remaining on walls, floors, carpets and furniture. Structural drying does not necessarily include destruction. Structural drying is done thru the use of equipment such as turbo drying fans and dehumidifiers. Accurate thermal imaging and fast structural drying will be able to bring your water damaged property back to its pre-damaged state.

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Water Damage Restoration by PRS

Professional Restoration Services of Tampa Bay, Inc. has the latest technology in thermal imaging and necessary equipment for structural drying. Efficient drying is a vital part in the restoration process. PRS has the professional capacity to identify wet areas of your property and provide drying efficiently. PRS is available to begin restoration to your home 24 hours, 7 days a week. The faster PRS mitigates and dries your property, the faster things go back to normal. PRS is dedicated to provide honest and efficient service to those in need.


Choose to Restore – Don’t Replace

We all have possessions that we consider irreplaceable. If those items are damaged it’s difficult to put a dollar amount on what that item is worth to you. For example, your child’s favorite stuffed animal is covered in toxic soot from a fire that destroyed your home. This is an irreplaceable item to your child and purchasing a new one will not be the same to them. What if you could give that stuffed animal to a company and they were able to restore it to better than pre-loss condition? The Esporta Wash System is capable of restoring a soot covered stuffed animal back to it’s original state physically and will be able to bring that item to food grade clean by removing the toxins and bacteria.

Rabbit and Pooh

 How does the Esporta Wash System work?

 Esporta washing system

The Esporta Wash System is designed to wash and restore items from everyday linens to sewage contaminated items. Originally designed to clean and disinfect hockey equipment, the ES 3300 has a diverse list of items it is able to restore. How does this machine work? The Esporta dispenses detergents in 4 stages through-out the wash cycle. The first detergent the is released is a enzyme based detergent that is designed to attack and break down stains and weaken the bacteria. The second detergent contains surfactants and emulsifiers which break down oils in the water, it essentially balances the water and lifts the bacteria from the contents. A disinfectant is released in stage three in which kills the bacteria on contact. The disinfectant is organic and is completely safe to dispose of, it is primarily made up of hydrogen peroxide and vinegar. Lastly fabric softener or fragrance are available as an optional stage. These are not to mask the odor but to simply add a pleasant scent to your clean items.

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The machine utilizes water energy to force detergent water through items and the bacteria out. When you combine the hydraulic actions of this machine with the detergents, the result is restored and decontaminated items. The ES 3300 contains 8 compartments and the machine cleans up to 160 pounds of laundry per wash, removing 99% of the organic and inorganic contaminants.


 When you restore contaminated items with the Esporta Wash System the items will look clean, smell clean, and the dangerous bacteria and toxins will be removed. ATP testing is used on every item to insure it is safe to return to the customer. A test is taken before the item is washed and after. In the picture below you can see the ATP testing device that shows a reading before a blanket was restored on the left and after it was washed on the right. The Esporta was able to remove bacteria from the item and bring the reading from 625 to only 9. The reading taken after the item is washed must show a number below 30 to be considered disinfected and food grade clean. For more information about ATP testing click here.

 Blanket (before & after)

What can be restored and what are the limitations?

 ·         Category 1, 2 and 3 water damaged contents. This includes water damage caused by clean drinking water to sewage waste.

·         Heavy smoke and soot damaged contents.

·         Smoke and water damaged leathers.

·         Mold contaminated contents and bio waste contaminated contents.

·         Leather Goods:image (1)

·         Wallets

·         Shoes

·         Purses

·         Household items:

·         Laundry

·         Sleeping bags

·         Comforters

·         Stuffed animals

·         Unique

·         Umbrellas

·         Survival gearBunnies

·         Tents

·         Sporting Goods

·         Football gear

·         Hockey gear

·         Helmets

 Items that could pose a risk:

·         Furs

·         Extra-large items

·         Cardboard and paper products

·         Dry clean only

·         Large rugs

·         Large items: Full size luggage, Golf bags, Area rugs

When risky items such as those above are deemed a total loss we can still give the Esporta Wash System a shot. There are times when the items are restored and do not have to be thrown out. 

 PRS – Esporta Certified Operator

Professional Restoration Services of Tampa Bay, Inc. has recently become one of the 250 companies in North America to own the Esporta Washing Systems – ES 3300. Within the next couple of months it is our goal to begin restoring soft content items for customers. We want to be your one call does it call restoration company. We will be the only company in Pinellas County to provide this service. In the event that your home floods or you have a fire, don’t feel like you lost everything. Give us a call to restore it all.

Understanding Flood Insurance and Water Damage Coverage

Flood damage is expensive and poses health hazards. Homeowners insurance will not cover you for flood damage. From an insurance companies view flood and water damage are two different things. Your homeowners insurance will deny a water damage claim if the water made contact with the ground prior to entering your home. Knowing your rights and how to obtain flood coverage can avoid this situation.

flood property damage

Flood Damage Coverage and Water Damage Coverage – What’s the Difference?

If water damages your property it will either fall under flood damage or water damage. The question to ask yourself is; did the water that damaged my home make contact with the ground before or after it entered my home?

Flood damage: Water that damages your home after it has already made contact with the flooded homeground.

Examples of flood damage sources:

  • A river overflowing
  • Flooded streets
  • Mudslide
  • Sewer back up caused by a storm

 Water damage: Water that damages your home prior to it making contact with the ground.pipe burst

  • Examples of water damage sources:
  • A broken water pipe spews water into your home
  • Heavy rain causes your roof to leak
  • Rain enters your home through a broken window caused by a storm

Rule of thumb: Flood Insurance and water damage coverage offered under your homeowners insurance policy does not mean you are duplicating coverage. Instead, they complement each other. Click here to learn how to get Flood Insurance.

Understanding Your Coverage and Exclusions

You purchase your homeowner’s insurance and then disaster strikes… do you know what you’re covered for and what damages will be excluded from coverage? Water damage coverage can get read the fine printtricky. It would be an ideal world if we bought one coverage and it covered anything to do with water, however, life is not that simple. For instance, water that backs up through sewers or drains is not covered unless you buy sewer backup coverage separately. Damage from sewer backup would most likely be covered under your flood damage policy. Although, it will be denied if the sewer backup was not caused by a flood in the first place. Insurance companies can deny your water damage claim if you do not file in a timely manner. You must report a water loss within 14 days of the first drop to your insurance company or they could deny your claim. The 14 day rule can complicate a situation such as a water leak that you can’t visibly see.   Such situations can become highly frustrating and unpredictable for the insured.

Useful information about coverage and exclusions:

  • Flood insurance will only apply if either the flood affects two acres of land or it affects two homes, one being yours.
  • Your personal contents may not be covered under a standard flood or water damage policy – get the details!
  • Know the specifics – if a hot water heater springs a leak, the damage should be covered under your homeowners insurance. However, if the hot water heater springs a leak as a direct result of a flood, that would only be covered if you have flood insurance.
  • Mold may not be covered under your homeowner’s policy. Usually with water damage comes mold damage. Know if your policy excludes mold or not.

You can purchase the coverage for personal belongings but usually there is a limit to how much you can cover. Floods and leaky pipes bursting can damage and ruin valuable items. Keeping a list of your valuable items and their worth will make it easier when it comes time to recover money for your losses. Valuable items such as artwork, rare books, jewelry, etc. may fall under a different property coverage limit. There may be a maximum coverage of $2,500.00 for such valuables.

Restoring Your Home and Peace of Mind with PRS

While PRS cannot assist you with your homeowners insurance issues, we can restore your home to pre-loss condition as well provide content restoration services to repair irreplaceable items.  We are certified and licensed to assist you with a complete restoration of your home. We provide services such as: structural drying, mold assessing, mold remediation, complete restoration, and content restoration. We are available 24/7 365 days a year and ready to assist you with an emergency. We know how time sensitive water damage can be, the first 24-48 hours are the most crucial. If you face any water damage to your home we promise to find the source and restore the damages to pre-loss condition.

Storm Damage in Tampa Bay

Storms usually lead to negative impacts to our everyday lives and property.  If you are a resident of the Tampa Bay area chances are you’re familiar with the damages and costs that come with a severe storm hitting our area. Heavy rain, high winds, hail and lightning can potentially cause storm damage to your home.  While these are not events we can prevent there are ways to build your life back together when disaster hits.
Storm Damage to Property
Fallen trees, loss of power, and flooding is not an unusual inconvenience for those of us living in the Tampa Bay area. The first priority is always our safety and preparing a disaster plan can prevent extra chaos added to the already hectic situation. It is vital to prepare a checklist of steps to take in the event that your property suffers from storm damage. The first step you should take after the storm has passed is to photograph and document all damages. This is a vital step to take before any storm damage repairs begin.  It is always a good idea to take numerous pictures from different angles to insure the pictures correctly portray the extent of the storm damage.  You should always secure all damages to prevent from any further harm. Covering damages such as broken windows, fallen roofs and walls with a tarpaulin and/or plastic sheeting will prevent additional costs.
Insurance Coverage
It is imperative that you file a claim with your insurance as soon as possible. Having the pictures you took of your storm damage printed or transferred to a computer will be important when you have to provide them to the claims adjuster.  After the insurance claim is filed you should begin obtaining quotes from restoration and repair companies and forward that information to your adjuster. If some of your property such as televisions, computers, and other items are a total loss you may find yourself paying out of pocket to replace these valuables. You should always send duplicates of the receipts for purchases made to your adjuster for reimbursement.
Health Issues
Our health may be in the back of our minds after disaster strikes but it is important to be aware of the health hazards that come along with storm damage. Many people would think to begin disinfecting their belongings after a flood, however, should you mix two different cleaning agents together this can potentially create hazardous fumes. For example; if you are under a boil alert and you had to disinfect your tap water with bleach for cleaning you should take extreme caution if you were to dilute any other cleaning agents with the bleach water.
Water damage from flooding can create many health hazards if it is not handled properly. It is imperative that areas that are damaged from the storm are cleaned, disinfected and completely dried out. Areas from the basement to the air ducts can grow mold and it is always wise to hire a professional to insure all areas are treated and mold free.
Storm Damage Restoration in Tampa Bay
You should always wait for the storm to completely pass before any restoring takes place. Storms can cause a long list of damages to your home. The damages can be caused from flooding, high winds, severe lightning, and/or hail. If at all possible, restoration should begin immediately. Should the repairs and recovery to your home get delayed you are at risk for more damage as well as mold growth. There are a lot of restoration services available in Tampa Bay. Before you call for assistance you should always fully examine your home to insure the restoration company can handle all of the damages. You should check your roofing, drainage, water supply, electric connections, etc.
Storm Damage Restoration Services Provided by PRS
Professional Restoration Services of Tampa Bay, Inc. is here to aid and help residents cope with a life altering disaster such as storm damage. PRS is available for services 24 hours a day 365 days a year. Storms sometimes happen suddenly and without a lot of warning. PRS is here to provide fast and accurate service to those in need. We know that storm damage to your home needs to be assessed and repaired in an urgent manner and that’s why we provide a fast response to your home the moment you place a call with us.