Thermal Fogging For Home Disinfection

In this unusual time of uncertainty, due to the Covid 19 Crisis, people are looking for ways to make themselves and their homes safer. Cleaning and sanitizing have become a daily task that can’t be overlooked, but are we really getting our spaces as clean and sanitized as we’d like? Probably not!

Methods of biological fogging have been around for years, but the problems in the past with the cold fogging process, have been the dangerous chemicals. Yes, the chemicals kill bacteria and viruses, but they are also harmful to all living things. The chemicals have been shown to be damaging to substances, such as fabric, plastic and metal, causing break down over time. Those dangers make it less than ideal choice for residential or office use. However, there is a new process, called Thermal Fogging, which uses a biocide to kill viruses.

Thermal Fogging produces a smoke-like fog, which can penetrate any porous surface that an air molecule can reach. The thermal fog spreads the biocide in a dry form, making it useful in spaces with electronics, like computers, televisions and all the other modern creature comforts our lives have become dependent on. It is quite often used by restoration professionals to fight odors left behind by fire and smoke damage, as well as mold remediation to produce a microbial free environment, but can also be used to neutralize viruses, bacteria and allergens.

Professional Restoration Services of Tampa Bay, Inc. offers a full range of services, including the Thermal Fogging of interiors. The process only requires the homeowner to be out of the home for 30 minutes or so. Once the fog dissipates, it is safe to return inside. The process leaves behind no film, so there is no need to wipe down the surfaces in your home afterward. Thermal Fogging is not meant to replace the daily cleaning we must remain vigilant about, but as an added precaution for those spaces where tiny particles can penetrate, but not be reached or adequately cleaned by hand.