When Disaster Strikes – Call A Professional Restoration Company

When a storm, fire or water causes damage to your home, it can be difficult to know what action to take firs. Where and how does one begin the cleanup? The best step to take when it comes to reclaiming your home, is contacting a professional restoration service.

Storm Damage

Large storm systems and hurricanes can leave massive damage in their wake. Wind damage – whether from the wind itself or debris tossed about by it’s force can cause roof damage – which can leave your home susceptible to water damage. A leaky roof makes way for water and structural damage.

Fire and Smoke Damage

Professional restoration cleanup is imperative if your home has been damaged by fire and smoke. The affected areas can be treated, removed and remediated. However, smoke can leave minute particles behind that sink into tight spaces, that can cause an unwelcome stench in your home. The ever-present smoke damage also opens you to health risks – because long term exposure can contribute to respiratory issues.

Water Damage

Flooding from storms or water damage from leaky pipes or appliances can cause great damage to the structure of your home. However, there is more than one type of damage that can be left by water. Aside from the obvious damage to the contents of your home, there is the added risk of mold growth later. Time is crucial in water damage remediation. The sooner you get your home cleaned and dried out – the lower the risk of long term damage.

Seek Help Immediately

No matter what type of damage has occurred to your home, don’t wait to begin the cleanup process. The sooner you bring a professional in to help, the sooner your home will be returned to the haven is was before damage was sustained.

Storm Damage in Tampa Bay

Storms usually lead to negative impacts to our everyday lives and property.  If you are a resident of the Tampa Bay area chances are you’re familiar with the damages and costs that come with a severe storm hitting our area. Heavy rain, high winds, hail and lightning can potentially cause storm damage to your home.  While these are not events we can prevent there are ways to build your life back together when disaster hits.
Storm Damage to Property
Fallen trees, loss of power, and flooding is not an unusual inconvenience for those of us living in the Tampa Bay area. The first priority is always our safety and preparing a disaster plan can prevent extra chaos added to the already hectic situation. It is vital to prepare a checklist of steps to take in the event that your property suffers from storm damage. The first step you should take after the storm has passed is to photograph and document all damages. This is a vital step to take before any storm damage repairs begin.  It is always a good idea to take numerous pictures from different angles to insure the pictures correctly portray the extent of the storm damage.  You should always secure all damages to prevent from any further harm. Covering damages such as broken windows, fallen roofs and walls with a tarpaulin and/or plastic sheeting will prevent additional costs.
Insurance Coverage
It is imperative that you file a claim with your insurance as soon as possible. Having the pictures you took of your storm damage printed or transferred to a computer will be important when you have to provide them to the claims adjuster.  After the insurance claim is filed you should begin obtaining quotes from restoration and repair companies and forward that information to your adjuster. If some of your property such as televisions, computers, and other items are a total loss you may find yourself paying out of pocket to replace these valuables. You should always send duplicates of the receipts for purchases made to your adjuster for reimbursement.
Health Issues
Our health may be in the back of our minds after disaster strikes but it is important to be aware of the health hazards that come along with storm damage. Many people would think to begin disinfecting their belongings after a flood, however, should you mix two different cleaning agents together this can potentially create hazardous fumes. For example; if you are under a boil alert and you had to disinfect your tap water with bleach for cleaning you should take extreme caution if you were to dilute any other cleaning agents with the bleach water.
Water damage from flooding can create many health hazards if it is not handled properly. It is imperative that areas that are damaged from the storm are cleaned, disinfected and completely dried out. Areas from the basement to the air ducts can grow mold and it is always wise to hire a professional to insure all areas are treated and mold free.
Storm Damage Restoration in Tampa Bay
You should always wait for the storm to completely pass before any restoring takes place. Storms can cause a long list of damages to your home. The damages can be caused from flooding, high winds, severe lightning, and/or hail. If at all possible, restoration should begin immediately. Should the repairs and recovery to your home get delayed you are at risk for more damage as well as mold growth. There are a lot of restoration services available in Tampa Bay. Before you call for assistance you should always fully examine your home to insure the restoration company can handle all of the damages. You should check your roofing, drainage, water supply, electric connections, etc.
Storm Damage Restoration Services Provided by PRS
Professional Restoration Services of Tampa Bay, Inc. is here to aid and help residents cope with a life altering disaster such as storm damage. PRS is available for services 24 hours a day 365 days a year. Storms sometimes happen suddenly and without a lot of warning. PRS is here to provide fast and accurate service to those in need. We know that storm damage to your home needs to be assessed and repaired in an urgent manner and that’s why we provide a fast response to your home the moment you place a call with us.