The Importance of Mold Inspection

Is your home safe from mold? Although not all types of molds can put your life at risk, they can adversely affect the quality and the value of your home. This is why you need to inspect your home regularly for contamination. In order to do that, you need to familiarize yourself of the different causes of mold formation at home.

Cause of Mold formation

Molds cannot exist out of the blue. They need certain conditions in order to develop. In order for mold to grow, they need a food source and moisture. They can feed on any organic material such as drywall and wood. These types of materials are found in every home. Add a moisture source and it becomes the ideal conditions for mold. This makes mold inspection more and more important.

Possible hazards of molds

Molds may affect your health or not. Certain individual are more sensitive to it, which can trigger allergy attacks and asthma. Although some molds are not harmful, there are also those that are toxic. A study conducted by the Institute of Medicine in 2004 presented sufficient evidence that link mold exposure and upper respiratory tract problems. Other problems caused by such exposure are eye irritation, sinus congestion and other problems with the respiratory system. Fatal illness and even deaths have been associated with toxic molds as well.

Mold inspection

With the threats presented by such contamination to your health and your home, it is only essential that you have your home checked regularly. Some mold formations are visible. You can spot them because of the discoloration on your wall. Others can lurk in hidden areas within the home such as wall and floor cavities. These become hard to detect by a simple visual inspection.

Do a visual check. Go beyond the visible areas. Look in cabinets, below your kitchen sink. Check your basement and areas that are conducive for mold formation. If you suspect mold contamination at home, you have two options. There are test kits available that you can use as a homeowner.  Basically, you need to get samples of the mold and send it to a lab. The lab results will tell you if there is a problem or not. The other alternative and probably the most logical is to hire a company that is licensed and trained to perform mold inspections.

All of us wish that our home is a healthy and safe place. However, we cannot be certain unless it undergoes inspection for problems such as mold contamination. Only by inspection can we uncover and address its problems.

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