Flood and Water Property Damage in Seminole, Florida

Seminole, Florida is a small and peaceful town close to the water on the Western side of the state. Like most towns in Florida, it enjoys beautiful weather all year long. Its proximity to the water is a mixed blessing. There are plenty of ways to enjoy the lakes and sea, but all of this water makes it easy for storms to form that can cause flooding and other types of damage.

When water or fire damages homes and businesses, Professional Restoration Services (PRS) of Tampa Bay is there to get everything back to normal. PRS can handle damage whether it comes on suddenly or after years of undetected leakage.

Once water damage is detected, PRS springs into action to prevent further problems and repair those that have already occurred. This damage doesn’t have to come from a natural flood. Water damage can also result from slow leaks, sewer backups or broken water pipes.

Fires cause more damage than simply the burning of the structure. In most cases, efforts to put out the fire will result in water damage as well. Whether water, fire or both damage your property, it can be unsafe to enter or inhabit. At Professional Restoration Services, we are equipped to handle these dangerous conditions.

Water Damage Seminole FL

When you call PRS, you will get the services of experts who know what to look for when assessing and repairing your structure. Often, all of the damage from a flooding or fire event is not readily apparent. Our experts will spot things like sagging beams, weak floors, plumbing problems and electrical glitches that result from structural damage. We’ll also find where mold had started to grow. Once the assessment is made, we’ll start to work on repairing all of the problems.

Removing water isn’t just a matter of opening the doors and letting the building air out. We use powerful equipment to extract standing water from the structure and then deploy forced-air blowers to get rid of the rest of the moisture. Once the building is dry, we’ll get rid of the mold, replace rotten or burnt wood and other structural components, and fix damaged wiring and pipes. To finish the job, we’ll use eco-friendly methods to remove odors left behind by floodwater or smoke.

We have over 20 years of experience at restoring homes and businesses after disaster strikes, and we guarantee all of our work. Call us at 727-NO-WATER at any time day or night. We offer immediate emergency response seven days a week.

Call 727-NO-WATER 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days A Week

  • Immediate emergency response
  • We handle the whole job from beginning to end, from water extraction to complete water damage restoration
  • Trustworthy, honest staff with BBB accreditation
  • Top, state-of-the-art structural drying equipment gets the job done fast and thoroughly
  • Restoring peace of mind one emergency at a time

Water and Flood Damage Services Include

  • Flood damage
  • Sewage back-ups
  • Storm damage
  • Broken pipes
  • Thermal imaging
  • Video boroscoping
  • Complete drying of your property’s structure
  • Pack and store your furniture and personal belongings
  • Deodorize and disinfect the entire affected

Other Services

Mold Removal and Remediation
Fire and Smoke Damage

Seminole FL Water Damage

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