What is Thermal Imaging?

Thermal images 016bedroom-thermal-imaging-150x150What is thermal imaging? Thermal imaging is a technology used by professionals to detect changes in temperature within a specified area. Firefighters have used it to see in smoke filled rooms finding endangered people. They have also used it to find the base of the fire so it can be extinguished. It can be used to detect unseen damage to your home caused by a lightning strike. Thermal imaging can also be used to find the unseen water damage caused to a property. Areas of moisture can be detected because they will have a lower temperature than there drier surroundings.

In terms of restoration, thermal imaging is an essential tool in detecting water damage and ensuring its remediation is thoroughly done.  Water damage can be deceptive.  Saturation pockets can be found in unsuspecting places. It can be found in and between walls, in a crawl space or in an attic, in ceilings, and under flooring.  For example before pulling up a damaged carpet that has been “dried”, a thermal image can be taken to determine if there has been enough moisture left behind to support mold growth, reducing the chances of accidently releasing thousands of mold spores into the air.

Knowing where and how much damage there is can help you to determine whether or not it is cost effective for  you to restore your property. One advantage, if you decide to restore, is having the knowledge that thermal imaging technology exists and its use can give you peace of mind that your property has had all the water/moisture damaged removed and is safer for you and your family.

PRS, Professional Restoration Services of Tampa Bay, Inc., has the technology and experience to restore and remodel your home or business when damage occurs due to wind, fire, water and mold. Darren Clark of PRS is a licensed building contractor and inspector who is certified in mold mitigation and remediation. You can reach PRS 24/7 at 727-NO-WATER.  More information is available at www.PRS24hr.com.


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